My Journey

As a child of 1st generation immigrants, I experienced the conflict of gaining a college education while gaining student debt with almost no idea on how to manage either. I explored countless resources with no success until I identified the underlying values that motivate me to make sound financial life decisions.


This experience led to the creation of CandidCash, a company that provides financial well-being resources and a network of financial professionals to support your personal financial success.


We are currently building our first cohort to help people gain more control over their finances and live life free of financial stress.

Why Candid Cash?

Millennials and Gen Zers are more stressed than any other current living generation. The most common sources of stress are MONEY, WORK, ECONOMY, and RELATIONSHIPS.

How Candid Cash Supports You?

No two individuals are exactly alike, which is why Candid Cash is designed to help each individual understand not just their values, but also the cultural and social factors that affect their financial decisions.

They are tired of advisors, planners, and wealth managers saying things like,

  • “We usually work with people closer to retirement”
  • “We prefer people with more assets”
  • "Our services are $400+ an hour"

In order to be financially empowered we need to understand our financial values and have access to credible trust worthy professionals.

When you discover your values, you will prioritize those that matter most and transform your everyday decisions. 

The Candid Solution

There isn't a one size fits all with personal finance. We work directly with you to understand your values and motivations so that you can get a personalized financial gameplan to set you on the path toward financial well-being. 

Understand Your Values

You depend upon personal values to guide your behaviors with what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Learn how to ignite your interest in financial concepts and be motivated to practice new financial behaviors.

Live Free

Use your money history to gain insights into your current behaviors.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Establish a financial management system that fully reflects your adult values and begin enjoying your money.

Connect with the Right Resources for You

Once you understand the level of your support needs there are financial professionals standing by with guidance that fits your life.

Live Happy

Folks who follow their fiancial values tend to enjoy their jobs and lives.

Our Team is ready to help you solve your money needs and questions.

We are driven to helping you on your journey to personal financial success. We win when you win. So let's win together!

Let's Learn Together

The Candid Cohort is a 4 month group of people banded together to learn financial life values, decision making, personal financial management, and how to live financially free.



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