Have you ever felt helpless or anxious about money?

Have you ever felt helpless or anxious about money?

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Understanding Financial Wellness

It may feel like financial wellness is out of your grasp right now, but the truth is there are actionable steps you can take to better control your finances and regain that confidence of "I can do this" with your personal finances.

The Traditional Solution

Many financial education classes are organized by common themes or topics that everyone needs to know:

  • Financial basics: budgeting, managing debt, building credit, saving
  • Investor training
  • Retirement preparation
  • Specific financial topics – i.e., health care, home buying, annuities, etc.

Why It Fails

This approach works as long as financial values are prioritized by the majority of learners. But they aren’t, so we need to listen closely to exactly what our priorities really are and learn to work more closely with what matters most to us.

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Our Secrets to Success

Effective Education

Financial competence shapes your life course in extended ways by enhancing access to health care, credit, asset accumulation, investment income, and asset protection

Strong Social Support

We need motivation, we already know too well the financial consequences of illness, a job loss, divorce, investment loss, or bad choices. Understanding the cultural and social factors that cause these consequences in the first place can change future choices!


Many of us take pride in what we do and how we view ourselves. Feedback that doesn't reflect our own views can leave us defensive, angry, and potentially dismissive. We have to learn how to truly listen to the feedback that is being given to us and respond from a place of curiosity, openness, and self-growth.  

Let's Learn Together

The Candid Cohort is a 4 month group of people banded together to learn financial life values, decision making, personal financial management, and how to live financially free.




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